The Personal Chef Industry

Personal Chef Spotlight

Chefs Dennis and Christine

PCs of the Year 2013

APPCA Live Seminars

Personal Chef Media - Personal Chefs In the News

What's Cookin'
From Passion to Profession
Personal chef turns hobby into career

Personal Chef gives the gift of thyme

Diversity, nutrition initiatives top agenda at Annual ACF Conference
Palate Pleaser: Home-cooked meals for your enjoyment
Now you're cooking
Sibling Support Council APCA Honors SMSC Chefs
Book a CookFeaturing Karen Fabian, The Main Dish
Chef makes dinner so busy people don't have to
Home cooking for the never-at-home crowd
WCR Chefs Get Personal
Westbury caterer cooks with a personal touch
Busy families, singles, seniors getting a taste for personal chefs featuring Chef Connie Hopkins-Mattlage

Easter Brunch Buffet ... Quick Like a Bunny!

Five fun ways to make quick cashLet your passion lead you to part-time jobs that are exciting, flexible and lucrative.
The Memphis Daily News Marketplace for personal chef service heats up
Trend Spotting : A Trend in itself!
Cooking up some extra time Personal chef and other food-prep services offer healthy alternative to fast food.
Entreez! WCR Newsletter Personal Chef Article Spring 2001 Earn more money! Work fewer hours! Be your own boss! With possibilities like these, it's no wonder the personal chef and private chef sectors are among the fastest growing in the field of culinary the professional.
Personal Chefs To Go
Brenda King's menu reads have cookbook, will travel
"Personal chefs are no longer just for the rich" A power shift is astir in America's kitchens, and it has nothing to do with those little buttons on your blender.
The Changing Face of Opportunity in the Culinary Industry - The Personal Chef Option More and more culinary academy alumni and restaurant professionals are exercising the option to become personal chefs rather than pursue careers in institutional cooking. Why? A desire to own their own businesses? Better hours?
New Palestine Press Jean´s Cuisine "Great Food And The Gift Of Time"
Personal Chefs offer fresh meals for the harried - at an affordable price and in a variety of ways.
Candy Wallace, Executive Director & Founder of the APCA speaks at the ACF Chefs Forum 2001 Convention on "The Changing Face of Opportunity in the Culinary Industry - the Personal Chef Option".

Meredith Ericksen Chef of the Year 2004

Personal Chefs Meet Healthy-Eating Need
Fitchburg chef takes his skills on the road

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